My name is Jessica Quynh Tran. I am a web developer focused on javascript and AngularJS development. Based out of Montreal, I am a part-time student studying Computer Science & Physics at McGill University.

I have a great affection for language, poetry, & literature. I like to call myself a hobbyist philosopher. Equipped with a layman’s interest in psychology, neuroscience, & philosophy, you’ll find me sloughing through academic papers that are way over my head and then eventually trying to find a YouTube video instead.

This is a blog dedicated to my personal learning & discoveries in programming. It is subdivided into few parts:

  • Learning (which are generally, uninteresting notes for my personal reference)
  • Project Development (reports and updates to track projects)
    • Currently: Outreachy Internship (writing each fortnight’s progress)
  • Personal/Misc (a catch-all category for “everything else”)

This blog uses the Jekyll static page generator.

You can find my source code at my github jessicaquynh / jessicaquynh.github.io.